Operational Support

Our operational background uniquely positions us to serve as a resource for administrators beyond just the revenue cycle processes.  Since the responsibilities of practice management are virtually boundless, we offer our assistance as a resource for administrators in a variety of areas, including the following;

  • Human resource functions
  • Corporate compliance
  • Strategic planning
  • Physician recruitment

An effective revenue cycle is about more than just the medical billing and collection processes.  The underlying documentation and coding has a major impact on the medical group’s performance.  Through our relationship with Coding & Compliance Initiatives, Inc. (CCI) we provide our clients with access to clinical and coding professionals who specializing in performing the following key services:

  • Documentation & Coding Reviews
  • Coding education for providers and coders

While S&S Healthcare Services, LLC is focused on improving the revenue cycle performance for our clients, we also understand the broader operational challenges faced by health care organizations each day.  We would welcome an opportunity to learn more about your practice, and to share information about how S&S Healthcare Services, LLC can be your business partner.

Contact us at 913-627-9100, or send us an e-mail at info@sshealthcareservices.com