How does S&S Healthcare Services charge for the billing services?

We charge based upon a percentage of cash collected related to our billings. Since revenue is only worth something when it can be converted to cash, we believe tying our payment to the medical group’s payment makes perfect sense and puts the incentives where they belong (i.e. maximize cash collections). We do not have a “set” percentage that we charge across the board since our clients vary in terms of the scope of services they provide and their individual needs. Our approach is to learn about your business and your specific needs, and then determine an appropriate compensation rate for our services.

Does S&S Healthcare Services provide billing for hospital-based groups?

Absolutely! We will perform professional component billing for hospital-based medical groups as well as independent medical group practices.

Can we access our data if S&S Healthcare Services is hosting the billing information on its servers?

Yes, you can have unlimited access to patient accounts, scheduling and reporting information. You determine how many concurrent users you would like to have access to the system, and we will coordinate obtaining the applicable user licenses. There is no need for the group to purchase any additional software.

Will S&S Healthcare Services provide billing services for groups across the Country?

Yes, we are not geographically constrained. We welcome an opportunity to visit with any medical group practice (hospital-based or independent) across the Country about their billing and revenue cycle needs.

Are all services provided by S&S Healthcare Services performed at the Kansas City location?

Yes, we perform all services at our Kansas City office. We do not outsource any of our client services.

What size of groups does S&S Healthcare Services serve?

We will provide billing services for single practitioners or large medical group practices. Our primary consideration is not the size of your group, but rather making sure we are best suited to meet your individual group needs.