Selecting a Billing Company

Once the business decision has been made to outsource the medical billing and collection functions, we believe the next step revolves around the clinic’s expectations and preferences.

Universal Expectations

Certain expectations should universally apply to every medical billing company under consideration.  For example, technical expertise, timeliness, professionalism in attitude and communication, effective information technology, etc. If a billing company is weak in any of the above criteria, it may be an indicator of deeper issues that will negatively impact the success of your practice.

Preferential Expectations

As the business of running a medical practice becomes increasingly complex, the importance of hiring a medical billing company that brings more to your table than just technical competence may become increasingly important.  We recommend evaluating how important the following criteria may be to the future success or your practice;

  • Selecting a medical billing company that is also a trusted business partner who can bring operational expertise beyond the revenue cycle basics.
  • Working with an Executive team that brings the benefit of a diverse range of skill sets, allowing for a more objective assessment of your business opportunities and risks
  • Selecting a billing company whose owners understand every facet of the revenue cycle since they routinely perform each function personally
  • Having a direct working relationship with the owners (i.e. decision-makers) of the billing company.
  • Working with professionals who run their own business profitably, and understand the importance of customer service, operational efficiency and cash flow management.

The criteria outlined above are the benefits S&S Healthcare Services, LLC brings to each and every client we have the privilege of serving.

We recommend developing your own list of expectations and preferences, then evaluate potential billing companies against those criteria to increase the likelihood of hiring a billing partner that is best suited to serve your interests for the long term.